*XMas Greetings: my postcard for You*

 This is my Christmas greeting card for you!!
You can save this image, print it and cut out...
and you can use it for your Christmas greeting cards! 
.... or use it like you want (on your blog, on your facebook...)
I'm happy to contribute to your XMas gifts and greetings!

(originale size of image: 15x15 cm)

... and Merry Christmas to everyone!!! 

2 commenti:

Vintage and Cake ha detto...

awww it's so cute Merry Christmas to you too and I will save this and send it as an e card :) I love, love love it. Well done and thank you have a happy new year too xxxx

alessandra caprini ha detto...

great idea the ecard! i'm happy that you like it and you use it!!!!! :)
merry-lovely christmas to you!!!!!
and best wishes!