new project: HAKIKI ROOM.

photo-polaroid is by Luca Tabarrini, official photographer of Hakiki Room.

what is HAKIKI ROOM? 
HAKIKI ROOM is a little space for handmade, ecofriendly, natural and handcrafted objects.
It puts together indipendent artists, artisans and designers all over the world and some little brands.
Here You can find simple and precious things.
Everything is essential, genuine, unique.
We believe in appreciation of old crafts and We love to use natural materials.
Every piece was born from the hands with all the time it needs.
We work slowly in respect of nature.
why HAKIKI? 
HAKIKI means “genuine, real” in turkey language; Kiki is also a nice character of a Miyazaki film. These are the reasons why I love this word. And It sound so sweet... :)

and the shop?
You can follow HAKIKI ROOM on facebook
Desing your life is the officiale blog of Hakiki Room.
Here the site ... it is temporary ... soon as possible official site coming!
Coming soon more info about them, with dedicated post.

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Manlio ha detto...

Un progetto importante, che diviene un'idea ed una realtà.
Cambiamento e voglia di dinamismo; condivido e rimango in attesa come sempre di vedere le tue novità.