preview design week milan: lindsey adelman studio.

Lindsey Adelman Studio at Milan Design Week.

The new Catch collection will be shown with Ceres and Branching Pods at Ventura Lambrate.
The new Knotty Bubbles chandelier will be launched by Roll & Hill at designjunction in Zona Tortona.

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clare ha detto...

Hi, I've just seen your Let You Spring blog as well, and 'followed' it. You can find me at
and interestingly enough I'm at Perugia too! And I'm an ex-fashion designer... Nice work! Clare

info ha detto...

We, at Delightfull are delighted to announce our presence at TORTONA DESIGN WEEK, in April 2011. It is our utmost pleasure to be showing once more at this wonderful event! We can't wait to 12th to come! See you all there!


annie ha detto...

like the bubbles!