"Living sculptures, flourish, grow and change according to the environment in which they are placed.
Swaying like the seasons and evoking emotion. Tillandsia, willow, raw silks and crystals: each sculpture is unique and numbered and can be suspended or wall-hanged, almost as an extension of matter. Nature that changes the perception of green design. Nature that becomes poetry."

Behind this beautiful artist and crafted project, there are two italian young women: Marina Leonardini and Raffaella di Gesù, from Torino. 
Find more in Filiformis site.

4 commenti:

Unknown ha detto...

I see more and more interesting projects like this one, organic art..

simona ha detto...

i especially love the second one. what lovely contrast in texture and material!

annie ha detto...

very interesting!


alessandra ha detto...

yes, there are a lot of project that mix nature, fashion and design... And I'd like to explore everyone!!!!
Florisfiliformis is a poetry project!