2 days of music: today, CERAMIC SPEAKERS!

NAME: Ceramic speakers system.
DESIGNER: Joey Roth, San Francisco.
MATERIALS: CERAMIC speakers with CORK elements, GOLD-PLATED posts, the base is CAST IRON, volume slider of PAULONIA WOOD, the stand of BALTIC BIRCH. Plastic is completely avoided in the system's construction, aside from the electronic components.
SOUND: the sound is optimal whether listening MP3, iPOD or other digital players, laptop and desktop computers, turntables.
STYLE: a perfect mix of modern design, unusual materials and something similar classical shapes.

Link Joey Roth: http://joeyroth.com

Musica consigliata:
Nicole Atkins, The way It is (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCaxQT650BE)

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spasmody ha detto...

it looks like cathode tubes of the old planes (for experts !)