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Less Ego, More Ego: Cotton placemats for adults and children by Due mani non bastano
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*Due mani non bastano, a creative studio in Milan that deals with graphics and illustration, has realized a new line of cotton placemats for adults and children: Less Ego More Eco. Less Ego More Eco communicates a serious and essential content, that also becomes the catchphrase to create and believe in a better world for everyone: adults and children sharing together their breakfast, a quick lunch or the dinner at the end of a day. Less Ego More Eco is an important reminder, made with unforgettable words, built with incisive and playful illustrations, for those who are already grown-ups and for those who will be growing up. Less Ego More Eco are just four words, telling us a positive and proposing thinking, towards nature, society, our present and our future.

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