("Ogni uomo mente, ma dategli una maschera e sarà sincero.")

Name Etsy Seller: Kit-bit-s. The name comes from Kitty -Rabbit -Squirrel.
Profile: Keetee, from ChiangMai-Thailand. Focus on vintage items for vintage lover.

Why: nice style and vintage clothes, beautiful surreal set-design!

2 commenti:

keetee ha detto...

WoW!!It's so exciting to see "Me" in your blog!!Thank you so much,Love your blog.I will catch up the link in your blog .they are so many great things you collect.XOXO!

alessandra c. ha detto...

Happy to see you in my blog!!!!
I love your style...and your mask!!!
I hope that you come frequently here to read my posts!
I go to become a reader of your blogs or I go to added your blogs beetween my favorite!!!
Thank you so much.
Bye bye.